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Easily create, log, track, administer, assign, and report on work orders with our easy-to-use Work Order Management Software.

The software includes 3 user interfaces that seamlessly work together with one another. Although there are 3 interfaces, there is only one program to install. This makes it easy to install the software on multiple computers and also makes it easy for software updates and upgrades. The software determines which interface to use by the password the user types into the system. This is all managed by the administrator.

  • Assign Work Orders
  • Create / Delete Work Orders
  • Track Work Orders
  • Create User Logins
  • Edit Locations
  • Edit Maintenance Personnel
  • Edit Priority Maintenance (High, Low, Medium, Safety, etc)
  • Edit Status ( Completed, In Progress, On Hold, Waiting for Part, etc)


Administrator Main Lookup Page / Dashboard

A: We like to call this the dashboard. It gives you a quick overview on how many work orders you have in progress and broken down by Priority. You can also see how many are assigned and unassigned. The first thing you most likely will do is Assign "Unassigned" work orders to the appropriate maintenance person.
B: You can filter the data in the grid by selecting a value from any of the 7 drop down fields. It also allows you to filter data by 2 or more drop down selections.
C: Search will bring up any work orders that match the search word in the work order description.
D: Grid where data is displayed. Double click any record to see the details of it.
E: For any work order "unassigned", click on the work order in the grid and you can quickly assign it to a maintenance person


Work Order Details Page :: Create / Edit / Delete / Print Work Order

A: Here you can create new work orders, edit and delete existing ones, or print them.
B: Edit any data of the work record


A: Click this button to request a new work order
B: Click this button to lookup and review work orders that have already been placed

Request a New Work Order

A: Complete the fields listed
B: If you are a supervisor or have authority you may confirm the work order. If not, you will need to print it and get authorization from a supervisor. Once you have authorization, you can log back into the program and click the lookup/review existing work orders. Now click your name from the drop down and click the Unconfirmed and your entry will show in the grid. Now you can change the confirm info below and make sure to save it.
C: This feature was added in case the maintenance supervisor was not on duty. This way you can sign it to a maintenance employee without the maintenance supervisor. If the supervisor is present, please keep this blank and he/she will assign it to the appropriate maintenance employee.


Looking up and Reviewing Existing Work Orders

A: Click on the appropriate name from the drop down field and either select "Confirmed" or "Unconfirmed". Now you can click the "Display" button to see your existing work orders. To review work orders that have been complotted, click on the second tab "D".
B: When you click on a record within the grid, it refreshed the info below.
C: If you needed confirmation at did not enter in at the time of creating the new work order, you may enter in the information here for any "Unconfirmed" work order.
D: Click this tab to see work orders that have been completed.



A: Click on the appropriate name from the drop down field and a list of "In progress" or "On Hold" work orders for that person will be listed in the grid.
B: Single click on a record to see the details of it
C: This section is intended for the maintenance personnel to complete. After you complete it and save the record, it will disappear from the list of work orders.
D: Details of work order is listed here
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